I received just great news! My album “North Country” has been nominated for “Best Country Album” at this year’s Indigenous Music Awards and also my video “worth” for Best Music Video!

First off.. Wow! It is an incredible honor and I would like to first thank the Indigenous Music Awards and everyone who is involved with choosing who gets to be nominated! I am truly grateful!

Second… Murray Pulver. Murray you have taken your time and effort to perfect this project and you are a truly gifted human being! This album has literally been brought to life by your ability to create and I am so happy to have had you as a partner throughout this process!

Stephen Broadhurst, Marc Arnould, Paul Yee, John Ellis, COCO Ray Stevenson, Paul James, Peter Letros, Jaylene Johnson, Bart Dupas, Daryl Heibert, Erica Danials, Nadya Kwandibens, Paul James and Addison Sandy.. thank you all for lending your talents to this album!

Everyone who has taken time to share, like and comment on my posts, and everyone who bought an album or even just a song… thank you! Your support is what keeps me going!

The radio stations who have shared my music, the journalist who have shared my story I am forever floored by your support as you are helping me continue to have a dream!

Family, Friends and Partner… thank you all for being there for me since day 1!

Dad…. If it wasn’t for your support and guidance this album would have never even been made. You are the best and I am so happy creator chose you to be my dad!

Now I know it sounds like this is a thank you speech for an award that has already been won.. but lets be honest… being nominated and recognized from your people and music industry is an award in itself so yes it is!

Congratulations to all the amazing artist out there who are also nominated! Being brave enough to chase your dreams makes you all heros!

Much Love; Jade